Friday, September 22, 2006

Moving to Vermont?

I guess I haven't posted much over the summer... But, there does appear to be some news to share. Everything appears to be going forward smoothly for a move to Vermont. The P&S was signed this week and I should know for certain after the inspection whether everything will move forward for a Nov 17 close. The new place is a 2-bedroom house on close to 20 acres in Moretown, VT - which is near Interstate 89 at about the mid-point between Sugarbush and Stowe. It will be quite a change from every other place I've lived - Barrington, Cambridge (college), Everett, Medford, Marblehead and Cambridge again. Not sure if I'll hate it or love it, but I definitely won't know unless I give it a try, so what the heck!

I should have an update with some pictures after the inspection on Monday, Oct 2nd.

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Engel said...

Hey mister. Did you end up moving to Vermont? There's nothing there. Nothing, I'm telling you.

Hope everything is well.