Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brief Update

A quick update before I forget what I did, details will follow. I started the day with a book guided walk through Chelsea on Saturday morning including a walk through the shopping are on Kings Rd, followed by a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum. I was going to go back to the natural history museum to see a few things I missed, but there was a long line. On to the British Museum for a guided tour (another from London Walks). After some coffee, a book guided pub crawl through the west end (including stops at Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe and dinner in China town).

Daylight savings was last night (a week earlier here than the US) so I got a bit of a late start today (its also Mothers Day here today). Joined another tour from London Walks (I may singlehandedly be keeping both them and several coffee places in business). This was a tour of Greenwich which included a boat ride down the Thames to get there. I was able to set my watch with a high degree of accuracy (though it was no longer GMT as daylight savings just started). And, of course I walked from the eastern to western hemisphere several times.

A few odd things seen along the way:

- a blind man at the museum

- a Vietnamese restaurant called "Phat Phuc"

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