Monday, March 27, 2006

Brussels - first impressions

Or, should I say second impressions since I've been here before.
- the sweet smell of waffles on the streets
- the smell of boxwoods (?) in the parks
- the symmetry of the buildings and the parks
- the wonderful architecture (camera has been clicking today)
- English is definitely a foreign language (more later)
- staying at Le Meridien - will easily be the best room I've had on the trip (ever?)
- drinking a beer in a bar that literally holds the Guinness record for most beers available (2,004)
- buying a beer in a discount market for 2.50 euro (about $3) that costs close to $10 at home
- inability to find a Starbucks - may have to cheat and check online to see if one exists
- people on the streets appear happy - or maybe its contrast and people in London appear uptight
- best weather yet - though there have been thunderstorms with hail that have made for some mad dashes
- daylight until well after 8pm
- being able to get a decent dinner and a drink for under 20 euro vs. over 20 pounds (about $20 vs. $40)

I remember enjoying the city when I was here last which has only been reinforced by the initial impressions. Tomorrow I hope to revisit this wonderful breakfast place Sean took me to when I was last here. They give you a basket of breads and a bunch of chocolate spreads to smother them with. I checked that the place still exists and its just a short walk from the hotel. The hotel is actually close to just about everything.

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