Tuesday, June 06, 2006


After a frenzied few days of eBay bidding a week or two back, I have pretty much replaced all my pots & pans with All-Clad stainless and have to say that all the rave reviews are true!  I love them!  They are incredibly easy to cook with and cleanup is a breeze.  Although the stainless is dishwasher safe, the cleanup is so easy that I haven't bothered with the dishwasher. 
I've been preparing all kinds of meals over the last few days - pastas, steamed vegetables, chicken and much more.  With last nights dinner I set a new high for number of simultaneous burners going for a solo meal (ie, the annual Easter dinners don't count) with 3 items going at once (pasta, chicken and steamed spinach).
And, with cooking becoming fun rather than being a chore, I also did a pretty much wholesale replacement on spices that I probably first purchased when I moved to either Medford or Marblehead - meaning they were many, many years old.  Many of the jars contents had discolored over time due to the sun.  So, with the discovery of Penzeys Spices down the street in Arlington, I headed off to get fresh jars of the spices I use and tossed most of the others away. 

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