Sunday, June 04, 2006


Who knew?  After avoiding asparagus for most of my life, I'm realizing that it's actually very good.  I'm guessing the avoidance started simply based on the name that didn't sound appealing.  Plus, it looks different than other things I ate growing up.  But I'm guessing the most significant reason it's taken so long to like asparagus is that we never had it growing up.  It's funny how much you like / don't like (or think you don't like) is shaped by the influences when you're young.  I'm still impressed by how many coke/pepsi likes and dislikes are deeply rooted in what people drank growing up. 
In any case, I server asparagus at Easter simply because it was suggested on the menu I was basing the meal on.  I thought it tasted great.  And, there were no leftovers.  A few weeks later, I bought some more and cooked it in a similar fashion (saute with butter).  Again, very tasty.  Tonight I steamed some very fresh asparagus from Verrill Farm in Concord.  I added just a bit of salt and pepper and was amazed at how good it tasted.  So good that I finished it before the pasta was ready.  I've got another bunch ready for Sunday night.  If it's anything like tonight's, I'll be back at Verrill's to pick up more for the coming week.

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