Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Asparagus - Update

Kind of an interesting follow-on to my last post on asparagus.  Every time I entered the downstairs bathroom, I noticed an odd smell after a minute or two - kind of smelled like something rotting or spoiled.  But, every time I tried to locate the source of the odor, I failed.  I was beginning to think it might be coming in through the open window.
Then I noticed a similar smell in the upstairs bathroom.  Perhaps there's something in the water?  Maybe they flushed the hydrants recently?
But then a light bulb went off - maybe I was the source of the odor.  Maybe it came from my urine and that I could never locate the source as I would always flush the toilet before starting the search.  I also thought about what might be different in my diet over the last few days - asparagus!
So, off to google to investigate.  Sure enough, google turned up that this is a very common side effect of eating asparagus.  Who knew!

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