Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ride Analysis

Originally uploaded by pdbreen.
I spent some time over the weekend playing with .Net and the GPS data captured by the Garmin Edge. The Training Center software that came with the unit is ok, but there were no options for dealing with the noisy data and it didn't offer the histogram support that Motion Based offers (which I thought was a useful way of slicing up the data).
Putting the pieces together was actually fairly easy. I found a charting control with some decent functionality and the data is exported as XML which .Net deals with quite readily. So, it was pretty much a matter of opening the XML document, reading the data, calculating derived data such as grade, speed and pace, applying whatever filters I wanted (I added options to change the sampling rate as well as applying a mean filter of various window sizes) and then binding the data to the graphs and tweaking the display options.
This resulted in the display pictured. Not too bad for a few hours of hacking. I'll probably try to get a sense if this is the type of thing that others would be interested in, and if yes, solicit feature ideas and turn it into a real application. Who knows, maybe I'll be back in the shareware business again...

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