Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kitchen upgrade continues..

The upgrades in the kitchen continue.  Most importantly is the better food (with Boston Organics supplying a good portion of this each week).  This was followed by an upgrade to All-Clad for the pots and pans and almost a complete replacement for the spices.  So, what's left? 
Well, its time for a new set of knives.  After hours (and hours) of research, I came down to a choice between Wusthof (long shot), Global or Shun, with Shun being the favored choice.  But, just when I was about to head out to make a purchase, I found some additional information about some other Japanese knives and ended up getting a mix of knives from a number of makers - Tojiro (good value for the lesser used knives), Masamoto (Gyuto), Hattori (Santuko) and MAC (bread).  This of course required a number of other items as well - a new knife block (so I can keep a couple of the cheap knives or grow the collection in the future) and a sharpening stone.  I've also ordered a few new cooking books to add to the collection (mostly focused on technique and knowledge of ingredients - not recipes).
Hopefully I'll still have all my fingers the next time you see me.

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