Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kale and Avocados

The "challenge items" (a challenge item is something that I've never purchased or cooked before) in this weeks Boston Organics delivery are a bunch of kale and an avocado (among many other things, it also included cauliflower, but I think I've had that enough that I don't consider it a "challenge item" even though I've never purchased or cooked it before). 
Tonight I steamed the kale and served it with a bit of salt and a bit more pepper.  It was ok - certainly better than anything frozen, but not as good as some of the other things I've been making recently.  I think I'll try a stir fry next - adding a few more ingredients (garlic, soy, sesame) to make the taste a bit more interesting.
I also cooked (steamed) corn tonight in the asparagus pot and it came out pretty good for this early in the season (ie, its not native corn yet).  I also made it to 4 burners going the other night, though I think this was a bit too much as the combined portions were a bit too much for a single meal.

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