Friday, June 02, 2006


One of the problems that I've found with not working is that its very easy to procrastinate.  Too easy.  There's never a rush to get anything done today as its always possible to do it tomorrow.  So, the projects that I hoped to be working on are still sitting idle.  My knowledge of Italian or Spanish has not increased.  The guitar has sat idle.  And I've yet to swing a golf club and attempt to re-train myself.
So, what have I been doing?  Well, I spend a lot more time preparing meals - nothing extravagant, but they definitely take more time than the prepared foods you toss in the microwave.  I've also moved my exercise time to during the day.  If the weather's nice, this means a bike ride in the morning or afternoon.  If its raining, then I'm on the trainer in the basement.  Shopping has filled a lot of the time as well.  Its not so much shopping at the traditional places, but going out to places that I've heard of or read about but have never been to before.  It takes a surprising amount of time to get around from place to place.  And, traffic starts getting bad as early as 3 or 4pm so I've ended up caught in traffic more than I'd like.  Reading the paper or the ever growing number of magazines that I receive also fills a good amount of time.  The remainder has been filled with informal consulting work for a few people - but nothing really time consuming or demanding at this point.  I'm happy to say that my TV viewing hasn't increased - the TV's never on during the day which is something I intend to stick with. 
I'm going to start creating a list of what I hope to accomplish each day and each week.  I'm hoping that adding a bit of structure will help ensure I spend time where I want to.  The conflict is that I still view myself as not having a job which means that I tend to treat everyday like Saturday.  So, I also need to convince myself that I do have a job - working for myself - and that I can't just wander from activity to activity - even when its really nice outside. 
We'll see what happens...

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