Thursday, June 01, 2006

Unicorn Magnum Plus Peppermill

Is it normal to get excited about a peppermill?  Since fresh foods are becoming a bigger part of my diet, pepper has also returned in force.  I've always had a peppermill around, but when used only once or twice a month, you can be quite forgiving on its performance.  Now, I'm using pepper pretty much every lunch and dinner and often on multiple dishes.  The inability of the mill to reliably produce pepper was a growing frustration.
While I was on Nantucket, I noticed big ads in the local paper for pepper mills - specifically, something called the Pepperstick.  I thought this was odd - big ads for pepper mills?  So, I ventured into the 2 gourmet shops on the island that sold them.  I looked and touched - but did see anything special so I left without purchasing.
When I got home, I did a bit of Internet research and wouldn't you know?  The company that makes Pepperstick (Unicorn) is based on Nantucket and they have a number of other pepper mills, some of which have gotten phenomenal reviews.  So, I placed an order for the Magnum salt mill and the Magnum Plus (larger capacity) pepper mill.  They arrived today and after loading them up and giving them a try, I can't believe I put up with lousy mills for as long as I did.
If you use a lot of fresh ground pepper, you should check this product out.

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