Thursday, June 08, 2006

Garden - update

The mutant strawberries are starting to appear.  I'm getting about 3-4 each day, but most are very small and/or oddly shaped.  However, the taste is incredible!  I just wish there were more/bigger berries produce each year!
Everything else that was planted seems to be doing (or recovering) ok.  The lettuce which was in the worst shape when planted seems to have recovered.  And the beans which I planted from seed have (mostly) sprouted.  The tomatoes, peppers and raspberries are all looking healthy as well (though much too early to tell how they will produce).
However, the lawn remains in rough shape with a number of weeds adding to the woes.  I think there is slightly more grass each week, but its really hard to tell.  We've certainly gotten enough rain so lack of water is not an issue!  I'll fertilize when Nuke goes on vacation in about a week or two just to make sure she doesn't get any in her tummy.


andrew schwartz said...

Hey Patrick,

I hope it isn't a problem to comment here. I'm the short architect type who interviewed at ChoiceStream a while back, now happily ensconced at the startup then under discussion (I'd briefly thought of sending you a note of thanks for not hiring me, but decided that since I generally don't like receiving notes from interviewees, I shouldn't impose one on you).

My partners and I have recently been talking about dev. management, and this led me to think about people I'd like to work with in this role. The ensuing search hinted at your departure from ChoiceStream, and led to this blog.

Would you happen to be free for a chat or coffee some day? You can reach me as schwartz (at symbol)


Ashok Kalluraya said...

Hi Patrick,

I did a google search on your name and got directed to your blog. I met you while you were in EventZero and also exchanged some emails while you were in choicestream. I am in Boston.. Would like to update you on developments at my end..

Ashok Kalluraya