Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For your safety, stay behind the fence

Spent the weekend on Nantucket with Nuclear. We took the high speed ferry to the island (Hyannis to Nantucket in about an hour). Nuke was fine until the boat started moving - then she seemed to turn a little green - she wouldn't lie down, her tail wasn't wagging, her mouth was closed and her ears down. She seemed to be doing all she could to not get sick - though I may be reading too much into her body language. Once we got to the island she was fine and enjoyed numerous walks through town, around town, on the beachs and in some of the wonderful open spaces on the island (including the one pictured).
The return trip on Monday was a bit more interesting. The 9:30 high speed ferry was cancelled due to the high winds and seas. Uh oh - looks like the trip back will be worse than the trip over... The next high-speed ferry is at 12:30. Good thing I checked back a bit early as that one was cancelled as well. But, the regular ferry was leaving at noon for its 2-hour crossing. Now I'm really nervous - it sounds like the seas will be worse and we'll be on them for twice as long. Not much I can do but hope for the best and we get on board. I get a seat inside as close to the center of the boat as possible thinking that the rocking will be less and by being inside she might be more inclined to lie down. Turns out the trip back went fine - she did end up lying down for most of it and there wasn't much rocking either.
Details on the Wine Festival will follow.

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