Monday, May 08, 2006

Rome - Trip Home

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I was picked up from the hotel on time (9am) and was once again amazed at the traffic in Rome. Even miles from the city the traffic was heavy. A minor car/motorbike accident only added to the delays at one stretch. However, once the driver was on the highway and past the accident, we were zipping along to the airport at over 100mph. Can't say that I've ever travelled that fast in a taxi before!
My plan to do last minute shopping and gift buying at the Rome airport was foiled by a lack of selection and limited time. The remainder of the trip home was uneventful - the flights were on time and I was at Logan aiport at about 5:30pm on Friday. In flight movies were King King which was much different than I expected and enjoyable and Fun with Dick & Jane which was pretty much what I expected, but also enjoyable.

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