Thursday, May 25, 2006

Half Century Completed

I finished a half-century ride yesterday.  The route was down the bike trail to Bedford, down Rt 4 to Great Brook Farm, back to Concord, Rt 62 to Bedford (what a terrible road for riding - it needs to be repaved!), down 225 to Kimble Farm for some ice cream (still amazed at what they consider a small!) and then retrace the route down 225 to Bedford and the bike trail back home.  Total mileage was 50.08 miles.  Ride time was 2h40m (excludes ice cream time) with an average speed of about 18.7 and top speed of 35.5.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how this compares against the general biking population... 

Only issue during the ride was my lower back getting a bit sore near the end - need to figure out if this is just a result of getting used to the new riding position or whether there is some tweaking I can do to the seat & handlebar positions to eliminate this.  I also need to tune the shifting - its a bit flaky going in and out of the top gear.

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