Monday, May 08, 2006

Rome - Day 3, St Peters

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The last full day of the trip! Although I didn't want the bike riding to end, I did feel 2 1/2 days in Rome was enough to see highlights of the city.
Another early start today as I plan on heading back to St Peter's to get a look inside and climb to the top of the dome. I get to the square a little after 8am, stood on the magic location that causes all of the columns in the square to magically turn into a single column (I was actually standing on the wrong magic spot when someone spotted me and yelled out "It's the other one!") and was then able to get into the church with no wait at all.
My expectations were rather low as I've been in so many churches throughout Europe that they no longer fail to impress. St Peters was definitely an exception. The interior was truly magnificent and the scale was immense. It was also actively in use with probably have a dozen sermons taking place in various naves within the church - and there were still enough other locations for probably a dozen more!
The visit was further enhanced by the way the sun illuminated the interior from the windows above the entrance.

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