Monday, May 08, 2006

Tuscan Coast - Final Thoughts

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Here are some end of trip reflections, lessons and observations:
- VBT does a good job with the biking portion of the trip, but you're likely better off getting the land only option and making your own arrangements for before and after
- don't bring a computer on a bike trip through the countryside
- men don't where shorts in Italy (Europe?) so no need to bring any
- don't bring so many guidebooks, a local map, tourist info booth and the hotel concierge can provide all the information you need
- write down the names of wines and other products at the time you have them - don't trust that you'll remember the names later
- spend time learning as much of the local language before travelling as possible - it will make the trip all that more enjoyable.
- as I watched the news on a local station in Rome, I saw that someone had robbed the Pitti Palace and someone had attempted to rob the Bulgari store in front of the Spanish steps by driving a tow truck through the window. Was trouble following me?


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