Monday, May 08, 2006

Rome - Day 3, Afternoon

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After St Peters, I returned to Compo Di Fiore and see the market. It was actually a bit smaller than I expected - with the market in Florence being more interesting both in size and variety in products offered.
From here, I headed back to the ruins hoping to find the way to get into the Palantino which I didn't come across when I first walked through. This time I found it and also found that the ticket that gets you in to the Palantino also gets you into the Colleseum. That was a nice surprise as I no longer had to debate whether it was worth paying money to enter.
It was nice to walk through the Palantino area as it offered some nice vistas looking out over some of the other ruins. It was also a great day and it was just nice being out for a walk.
Even though I claim no talent in this area, I tried to get a little creative with the picture taking - here's an interesting mix of geometries, colors and shade that I thought came out OK.
After the Palantino I headed to the Colleseum and realized that by buying the ticket at the Palantino ticket office, I was able to bypass the long lines at the Colleseum ticket office and walk right in. So, keep that in mind if you ever find yourself in Rome.
Nothing too impressive on the inside, though the building itself is impressive in its scale. I would imagine it was even more impressive in the age that it was in active use.
I have lunch at an upscale pizzeria chain called PizzaRe where I had the best pizza of the trip.
More wandering and shopping (though no buying) in the afternoon, before settling into a cafe for a very large beer (I think the glass held 1 liter). As the day was hot, it was nice to relax in the shade, read the paper and watch people go by.
Oh, I should also mention that at some point the day before I returned to the Trevi fountain and tossed two coins in over my shoulder as I had forgotten to do so on my first visit.

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